Metacognition Part I


GREAT14 Conference:  During my second summer in Galway, Ireland, one of the major projects was the our cohort was responsible for creating, organizing and presenting our own conference.  Our GREAT conference was a huge success!


iTunesU String Theory Courses: What’s so wonderful about String Theory High School is that the textbooks are not really textbooks.  They are iTunes Courses created by the faculty. I feel so accomplished that I get to create my own course work for my students.

Algebra I Course 


Wicked Problem:  During our first year in Galway, Ireland, we were asked to compare ill-structured problems with wicked problems.  Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 4.07.45 PMA wicked problem is a problem with so many pieces, that it often unsolvable.  One problem that my group explored was the idea of failure in the classroom and how it should be turned from a bad stigma, to a learning and growing opportunity.


YouTube Channel: My YouTube channel over the years has been a huge resource for my students.  I have created my own videos on certain topics, as well as pulled from others to share with my students as well!

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