Wicked Problem


Our finished product was constructed on VoiceThread.


When I first was given the wicked problem assignment, I thought that this was something that I was already addressing in my class.  I always am praised for having a safe classroom environment, so failure would surely follow along with it?  Well after really diving deep into this wicked problem, I realized this problem is still prevalent in my classroom and it isn’t going to change overnight, but at least I now have strategies to help aid it.

I think that the approaches that we came up with and strategies that we have for educators are really easy things to implement starting on the first day of school.  I think that we constructed simple ideas like clickers and anonymous polling that can start the scaffolding of  a risk free learning environment.  I also will continue to make mistakes and have my students correct me, and that is okay and I welcome it.  I think that modeling to your students your failures and mistakes is one that will make the most impact.

I really enjoyed working with my team.  During this MAET process I came in with the mentality that I hated group projects because I always felt like I had to take charge of the situation, but I have had a change of heart because of the team that I worked with.  I found that my colleagues pushed both my thinking and my group members, that ultimately lead to a product that I am proud of.  I even loved getting feedback from our class on our final product saying that what we did was insightful.

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