Team Teaching


So I have never been one for group work, but this experience on the whole has really changed my view.  Prior to this project I was a huge procrastinator, and that has changed as well.  I really have Dan Richardson to thank for having a very overall, well planned out process.

We started by having each of us read each of the articles, then writing phrases and conclusion as to what both authors were saying.

Our two articles were from a collection of articles on the answering the question of: How is the internet changing the way we think?  We read Kossyln and Rucker’s articles.

After discussing the articles, we decided that Rucker article spoke more towards me and math and the Kosslyn spoke more to Dan and science and we were able to produce to two artifacts.



My artifact is a word cloud created on Wordle by taking the definition and history of AI from Wikipedia and removing the common words.  I found it very fascinating that learning is such a huge word in AI, as well as research and approaches.  We used to be so concerned as a society with AI and the thought that something with all that knowledge could take over the world.  Dan spoke to the idea of whether our memory is necessary with all this information at our fingertips.

I have to say when it came to integrating a piece of technology into our lesson, both Dan and I struggled.  We both couldn’t rack our brains for something that would really enhance our lesson.  We wanted something collaborative and in real time to help our classmates understand the concepts that we wanted them to understand.  It wasn’t until Dan discovered Mind42 that we were exhausted with finding options.

Our mind map asked four essential questions about our two readings.  We had everyone work with a partner and correspond to at least two of the questions with their assigned number.  It ended up looking like this in the end:


Mind42 isn’t a terrible online collaborative tool, but it wasn’t my favorite.  I would suggest Stormboard to anyone that is looking for a similar tool.  Stormboard allows you to change the post it’s to different colors and just looks more appealing to the eye.  Mind42 only allows the main idea to be it’s own bubble.

Overall I was happy with the lesson.  Dan was a great partner and pushed my thinking by asking great questions.  I can see why he is such a great educator.

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