Increasing Workflow via Evernote


In that TEDx Talks video, David Allen talks about the art of stress free productivity.  We all get stressed from things that life throws at us.  So we were posed with a task of taking a moment to become more productive and organized; we were told to simply take care of something that would allow us to be more productive.

I thought I did not really need anything else to help with my organization; I think of myself as a very organized person.  I also swear by my DropBox and would honestly be lost without it.  I have it downloaded on my laptop, iPad, iPhone, and school computer; I no longer have to share documents with myself or worry about flash drives.  So what other applications or web outlets could I use for organization?

Well many of my fellow MAET colleagues use Evernote, so why not give it a try.  I was apprehensive at first, but once I watched the tutorial and played around with the app, I was sold.


With the application installed on my computer, I was able to a notebook for a specific thing, like MAET, and then pages of notes in each notebook.  I was able to organize them with tags and dates.   I was able to instantly drop photos and voice recordings in with my notes.  I think what really sold me on Evernote was that it has a small icon up top in which I am able to type quick notes and access them again later.  I found this wonderful when I am doing reading and I can type in the small box while I am reading and then look at it later.  I can also quote and copy it into the box too.  With the icon up top there’s a screenshot feature and a voice recording feature too.  I can now officially become a better note taker.

The iPhone/ iPad app I was unable to play with as much, but I am glad to know that I can access it on the go and write notes on the go that will sync later when I have internet access.

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