MAET Year #1– Summer 2013


Course Syllabus

MAET Year 1 2013 Website

“MAET Year 1” is a compilation of three courses (CEP 810, 811, and 812) taught collectively to give students interested in the interplay of technology and learning a firm foundation in specific technologies and the issues surrounding them. The successful completion of these three courses leads to the MSU Certificate in Educational Technology.

CEP 810: Teaching for Understanding with Technology
CEP 810 introduces five foundational topics that are essential for advanced study:

  • theories of learning and understanding
  • essential mindsets for teaching with technology
  • professional learning networks
  • Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)
  • creative uses of technologies for learning

21st Century Lesson Plan

Increase Workflow via Evernote


CEP 811: Adapting Innovative Technologies to Education
In CEP 811, students are immersed in repurposing the world, digging deeper into the TPACK theory (Technology, Pedagogy and Content Knowledge), applying and playing with theories of learning, while continuing to grow and developing professional networks and professional presence.

Maker’s Movement and 091 Labs

Team Teaching 

CEP 812: Applying Educational Technology to Problems of Practice
The CEP 812 course focuses on the ways that educators can use a range of technologies to address a range of teaching and education-related problems. Students explore properties of well-structured, ill-structured, and wicked problems, as well as posing suggestions for education’s wicked problems.

Passion Quotient/ Curiosity Quotient

SIGCCET: Cross Curricular Effective Technology

Wicked Problem


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