From the Michigan State University’s Master of Arts in Educational Technology webpage:

“If you are looking for a flexible, award-winning, practitioner based program, MAET is the program for you. This degree prepares students to be thought leaders in their professional contexts. Graduates of the MAET degree become confident, capable users of a wide range of technologies in educational settings but also develop deep theoretical understandings of how, when and why to integrate technologies to support learning processes. Many of our graduates  become Technology Integration Specialists in schools and/or at the school district level, Technology Directors, Instructional Designers, Department Heads, Technology Consultants and advisors on educational technology issues in their schools and districts.”

The MAET program through MSU has been by far the best educational experience I have ever had the opportunity to have.  I have had the pleasure of working with educators from all over the globe, in a variety of content areas and grade levels.  I have learned how to take various educational theories, implement both content and my context to those theories, and integrate technology into those lessons to create lessons that are meaningful and engaging for all students.

This program had made me push my thinking and teaching outside of the box, and I have only become a stronger educator because of that.

MSU MAET Overseas Cohort Description 


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