Yes, we can PBL in Math!


So when I was in high school, I loved my mathematics classes.  However, I knew that I wasn’t going to be that teacher that insisted students listen to me talk in the front of the classroom.  SCgcsweXW4AAajLk.jpgo this week in both my Algebra 2 and my Pre-Calculus classes, I was able to fuse inquiry based projects and I just want to brag about it to anyone that will listen.

In Pre-Calculus, my students had previous built K’Nex Ferris wheels, so I gave them a lab at looking at the angles of it, and it’s horizontal and vertical displacement.  In the end, my students were able to see the shape and domain of the sine and cosine curves.

In Algebra 2, we started looking at parabolas and their equations.  I deCQ4y8F0VAAAszgX.jpgcided to take them on the quick tour of Center City, where they were able to see how frequently you’ll see curved objectives or lines versus straight ones.  I had them each take a photo and drop it into Desmos, where they were able to see how a, b, c and d constants effected the transformation of x squared.

Pretty successful and amazing week if you ask me! And I think my students got more out of it, then me telling them how all aspects of those two worked!


Flipping the Classroom (soon)


With every school year comes the dreaded cold and flu season.  Although I feel as though I got it rather early this year, I can’t slow down my curriculum or my content, so I’ve decided to create videos for my classes.

Here’s my goals with this: get good at iMovie, Quicktime and Garageband so that I can hopefully FLIP next marking period. Flipping is essentially creating video content for students to watch for HOMEWORK, so that they can come with questions, and you can spend the vital time of practice with your students.

This all sounds amazing in theory, and my students do have devices, but not all student benefit from videos.  Here’s to hoping!

My First iTunesU Course, from Scratch


I know it is Pope-cation and I should be relaxing, but a teacher’s work is never done. I did escape the city and went to the quiet beach, which has been amazing, but I got work!


The past year at String Theory I had to privilege to help collaborate on courses, as well as add my mathematics flavor to it, but this year is completely different.

This year I am teaching Pre-Calculus, a course that hasn’t been taught yet.  I spent the better part of the summer setting up the bare bones- objectives, scope and sequence- but now I have to create all the amazing material that goes along with it! Although it’s been a lot of work, I know that my students are getting the most of out it!

Stay tuned for an amazing project I have on the horizon!