My Greatest Success


So remember how I was super nervous about this year, well I wasn’t kidding.  One of our big assignments of the summer was to create an info-graphic in Adobe Illustrator.  That’s all the directions!? I could create a million different info-graphics, seeing as math is all numbers! I began to feel extremely overwhelmed at what I could possible produce.

I began to look at Google for various info-graphics that teachers had used in the classroom, but nothing felt new or exciting.  I was lost.

The I knew I had to start something, so I started looking up how much money is in mathematical careers.  And then it turned into a teacher telling a students, which turned into a comic book, and before I knew it, I was created my syllabus!

I can’t tell you how exceptionally proud of my piece of work.  It took a lot of patience and hard work– not to mention that the file corroded after the first time I made it, so I had to start from the beginning a second time.

I can’t wait to take this back and share it with my students!


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