My First EdCamp!


So this past weekend I experienced my very first EdCamp!

I have to say– I’ve done my far share of professional development, and I’ve been to a Google Summit, but I felt as though this was the most rewarding PD that an educator can do.

Here’s how an EdCamcfixnsvuiaaera8p works– you show up! There’s no schedule, no agenda and no guest speaker.

There’s a board where you can either look to see what discussions are going to be happening, or even create your own!  Since this was my very first one I felt it was best to just see what the whole thing was about– because this surely wasn’t going to be the last one that I was going to do.

I sat in on a session about creativity, learned about some workflow apps and got to make a bunch of great connections with other educators in the Philadelphia area.

Counting down the days until the next EdCamp– especially where I can share my passions and best practices of the classroom.

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