A New Year, A New Teacher Part II


So in my previous blog post I talked about how I was tired about what I was doing in the classroom.  Tired of running off the same copies and teaching the same lessons over and over again.

How I was so knowledgeable and not able to use.  How I was I felt that I wasn’t doing all I could.

Well January has certainly been a year of surprises.

I took a bold step and moved schools.  Mid year.  I left all my students.  All my friends.  Everything that I knew.  I took a huge leap out of my comfort zone.  Sure the transition was tough the first couple of days for both me, but my students as well.  However, after two weeks, I feel like I’m being blinded by the light at the end of the tunnel.

This week I finally feel that spark of teaching once again.  I have so many creative ideas and juices that I haven’t had in quite sometime, maybe even ever.  I am now able to use all this knowledge that I have kept bottled inside to use.

My new school is String Theory High School, located in the heart of Center City Philadelphia.  Although the high school is only in its second year, the K through 8 has been located in South Philadelphia on Broad Street since 2012.  What makes STHS so special to me is that it is a completely 1:1 school, and students choose from a variety of majors.

So although I am out of my comfort zone and that I feel exhausted, the love for teaching that I needed back, I got.  I might be sitting at my desk for several hours, but I’m creating MY OWN lessons and loving every second about.

I look forward to what the years to come look like at String Theory, but I know that they will be incredible.

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