A New Year, A New Teacher


The stereotypical thing to do on the first of the year is always to make resolutions. For myself personally, I find September to be the time to start anew, but alas midway through a school year I find myself deflated.

This year has been and uphill struggle. Although I’m teaching algebra for the third year at the same school, I am met with a new climate of students. My students this year are much further behind mathematically than in previous years, and certainly have different personalities. I’m trying to use the same lessons that have been tried and true through the past couple of years and they aren’t “sticking” as well as they have been.

So I’ve grown tired. I know that the news is always talking about the teacher burn out rates, but I am really passionate about this career that I’ve chosen, so something within ME needs to change.

I’m currently entering my last, and most demanding year of my master’s program through Michigan State. I have learned a multitude of technology resources that I can use in my class and I have implemented several of them, and even shared them, but I’m starved for more. I find myself constantly using ShowMe or the few Google applications that I know– but I NEED MORE.

So as a resolution this year, I am decided that I want to blog more, tweet more, and learn EVEN more. The reason that I love teaching so much is because I love learning and then passing on that information, so why have I stopped!?

I think that I have pumped the breaks for too long, and now is the time to make sure that my students not only succeed, but also fall in love with math.

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