#GREAT14 Conference


During my second summer in the Masters of Arts in Education Technology, MAET, our cohort is responsible for creating a conference.

Knowing that this was something that I would have to work on this summer, I volunteered to run numerous workshops and head the technology personal learning community at school.  I made it a mission to find out what teachers want to know how to do in their classrooms, or describe their problems of practice.

I was very fortunate to work with 3 people that I admire from my MAET program and we were able to put on two really great sessions.  Specifically, Dan Priest and I put on a workshop dealing with implementing video in our classroom.

Both Dan and I explored two different aspect of videos in the classroom: myself from an instructional/ flipped classroom style and Dan from an illustrative/ conversation starter perspective.

After the session, both Dan and I received great feedback.  We were told that we inspired them to use video in their classroom, and that they appreciated my honesty with only using film in my classroom this past year.

If I were to do this process all over again, I would have like an Apple remote and more time to have discussions.  We were constricted to a 40 minute time frame, but if we had cut down the content that we displayed, the discussion wouldn’t have been as engaging.

I look forward to providing more sessions and workshops on technology in the classroom.

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