Using Google Drive


So recently our mathematics department was discussing projects for student that did not pass the Algebra I Keystone exams.  

Our solution was to use Khan Academy.

Khan Academy allows students to learn at their own pace by providing videos, practice and problems to work on.  It started out a simply videos from a father to a daughter and bloomed into Bill Gates funding the project for all to use. I highly recommend Khan Academy to any teacher or parent or student looking to better their knowledge of not just math, but ANYTHING!  You can always learn something new.  

What’s also great about Khan Academy is that it aligns with Common Core and various Algebra I topics– perfect for what I need it for.  You can create accounts for students and “coach” them by providing recommendations of assignment or videos all FOR FREE!  A perfect price for any teacher.  Their app on the iPad is also awesome because it provides a scratch pad and calculator for a paperless environment. 

Better still, you can use your Facebook or Google sign in.  One less password and username to remember. 

Well as organized as a person I am, I knew that I would have to keep adequate documentation for my administration and anyone from the state that needed to see progress, so what better place than Google Drive.  All my students that had signed up with Khan had a Google account, so why not just share information via GMail and Google Docs.  


With Google Forms, I was able to compile all the students email addresses.  

With Google Sheets, I was able to create an attendance sheet and share that with admin.  I was also able to create a checklist that I could share with the students and update as their progress updated.  No more of students constantly stopping by my room to ask if I had seen this or checked off that.  They could comment and I could comment back on what needs additional work and where they had been successful. 

I was able to do all of this with simple clicks of my Google Drive.  

No more stacks of papers to sift through. 

No more papers to copy.

All of it accessible from ANYWHERE.


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