Ideas for Next School Year


So my Director of Operations at the school was seeking out faculty that would want to teach electives next year.  I thought immediately to what I have taught thus far and what I’m comfortable with, so SAT prep.  I could easily do SAT prep.

Once I brought it up to my director, I had mentioned that I wouldn’t mind teaching a computer course of some form– seeing as that’s part of what my whole grad school entails, but she posed something else to me: a coding class.

Well I don’t have much experience with coding, but I certainly know several people that do.  People that make A TON of money doing it to. People that are able to see the smallest of errors and people that can think mathematically and logically.

So I posed the question to my co-hort: what resources, website and products should I use to create a curriculum for a coding class?

Here’s some of the resources that people told me about:

CodeAcademy— completely free and has assignments for people to work on.  There’s also an online community that people can connect with others on about certain projects or applications they are trying to create.

CS2N–Stands for Computer Science Student Network.  It provides step by step lessons on computer programming and even has competitions set up for students.

Some other resources for helping with beginners:,,

So I have a bit of homework to do over spring break now– while I’m relaxing on the beach, I will have to do some coding myself.

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