One Semester Done, What’s Next?


This semester of school has certainly been an interesting one.  Our high school has moved to a new building; I’ve gotten a new co-teacher to start of the new year, and now, another one; I’ve been given regular ed class versus just honors and an inclusion classroom; and I’ve taken on more responsibility after school.

Although it has certainly been quite a change, I’m loving every minute of it.

The new building is wonderful– you don’t really realize what you take for granted in a school until you don’t have it.  Our students now have a stage, gym and cafeteria.  They don’t have to travel between buildings for classes or the nurse.  They are able to put on shows and concerts for themselves and their parents.  Most importantly though, they now have school pride.

So now that I’ve got all these changes under my belt, I ask myself– what’s next?  What can I do as a teacher to push the envelope?  To make algebra and mathematics more interesting for my students?  How can I show my mathematics passion to all of the MACHS student body?

Well blogging.  That’s where I am going to start.  I always said I would blog. I think I’m a interesting person– I travel and have amazing adventures and friends, so why not?  Well the truth is that I’ve never been one for writing or reading, but this is going to be my start.

Reflection is a HUGE step in the teaching process, so reflect I shall.

So far this year I would like to think I’ve improved mounds versus last year.  I have a website for my students to access and a phone number for them to text and call if they have any questions.  I have more of a routine for my students, so they know exactly what to expect.  I have set the bar for the students and they can always anticipate when I am let down.  I have thought of more in depth questions to ask my students, as well as helped them understand more than previous years.

I am doing a great job.  I am a great teacher.

In addition to blogging, well that’s something I’m just going to have to figure out.  I plan on doing an anonymous survey with my student next week to see what they think I can do, and I will report back.

Until then.

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